Hands Free Automatic Advertising Gets Results!

Every day countless numbers of internet marketing professionals and newcomers to internet marketing log onto their computers and begin the pain-staking process of trying to generate traffic to their offers. Where it comes to tools for getting the job done there are literally thousands advertised claiming to be the best thing since the invention of the light bulb. Some programs have fancy flash and blinking text and any number of whizzers and buzzers to grab your attention long enough to cleanse your wallet of your hard earned dollars.

At Global Ad Solutions, we learned over 20 years ago that simple is best. We don't spend a fortune "putting lipstick on the pig". We build and design simple to use software based on our proprietary platform which does nothing more than send your email to millions of leads loaded into databases on our servers. We never send spam and in all the time we have been online have never had one single spam complaint because it is impossible using our system.

Our 30 Minute Mailer is a modification to the extremely popular 60 Minute Mailer we built over 5 years ago. It is still a hot seller to this day! Now we can send your ads twice an hour all day long, all night long...heck, all year long! Plus, to change your ad, all you need to do is submit a new one and it will override the original and start the cycle all over again. Try getting that kind of exposure anywhere for the insanely low price of only $17.95 for a lifetime membership!

We keep quality high and prices low so more people can use our services. We flush out the fodder and do the one thing we do best; send millions of ads a day. This mailer is loaded with over 150 lists containing over 30 million emails ready for you to send to. You will receive members access immediately after payment verfication so you can start advertising right away!

Join For Only $17.95 Lifetime!

We are not offering unsolicited bulk email submission services, we're not selling lists of any kind nor are we giving out personal identifying information of any kind. The tools and resources shown above are 100% permission based.