Welcome Fellow Marketer,

If you love marketing as much as I do then you know how time consuming it is and how hard it is too find good tools. I was spending over 12 hours a day stuck to my machine, submitting ad after ad to safelists, ffas, classifieds, blogs, ezines, search engines, and so on and so on.

I started Global Ad Solutions back in 1999 and I made marketing programs for marketers on a budget. I hired a few people and we created the first email submitter ever made and the net exploded and here we are today, still making marketing software for marketers on a budget.

I'd like you to take a few minutes to check out what we've created for you. I'll put a description below listing the features and below that will be a button to try out our live demo and then it will send you to a page where you can decide if being a member would benefit you.


The 89 Free Blaster Bulk-Blast Program gives you the power to submit your ads to all 89 Free Blasters or any number you choose all at one time. Along with that we give you the ability to enhance the performance of your submission with powerful features like, an auto-submitter that sends your ad over and over every hour for 24 hours. We also integrated a 50+ targeted category selector that allows you to select up to 8 targeted groups to send your ads to. There is also no waiting for your ad to submit, you can just submit it and either leave or log back in and send another ad. That's a huge time saver over spending a minute or more sending ads one at a time. Remember those cool icons, they're in there too. The list seems to go on and on, another feature is that there are no 3rd party ads. None of their pop-ups or scrolling text ads or banner rotators or music and all that other stuff.

Just log in and send your ads and that's it. If you want to hang out and write a bunch of ads and use the ad tester to send them to your machine, that's great, start a bunch of folders with pre-written ads for each of the opportunities you promote. Whatever you want to do you can do it here, this program we've created for you is quiet and not distracting, just do your work, be productive, and make money.

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