Leads Were Added On April 15th

For months, our longtime customers have been asking for a submitter that sends out their ads automatically, hands free. But that's not all. They also wanted a set-and-forget submitter that would run their ad forever, or at least until they came in to swap it out for something else. Many of our current submitters reset every hour, or every 8 hours but, none allowed for infinite ad sending. Our new Infinity Submitter allows members to access the easy to use submitter, place an ad and walk away. We continue to run the ad every hour until they come back in and submit another ad. It might be a week, or month later but it is then, and only then, that the new ad replaces the old and the cycle continues. This is great because some customers had been forgetting they had a submitter and never got the full value of the product they paid for. Well, that problem ends now.

The best part is that you can get access for only $3.14 a month or a one time price of $9.39. Imagine if you could send your ad to millions of double opt-in English speaking recipients all across the globe to sell almost anything you like. In fact, many of our customers use our submission systems to advertise their affiliate links as well as products they like to sell. We even have many people who simply use our submitters as a sounding board to post messages about personal convictions and political views. The only types of ads we do not allow are those which could be considered detrimental to children or reference pornographic material. Practically anything else is fair game. Gambling, MLM, Traffic Programs, Social Media or anything else falls within our guidelines and could be just the boost you need to generate the income you've been seeking with other, less effective programs.

  We blast our members ads every hour to over 30 million. Just imagine the kind of traffic this kind of exposure can produce for your business.

  The system is very easy to use. Just one click of the button and your ad is instantly blasted to the database of double opt-in recipients.

  Send HTML or text ads. You have the option to send ads with pictures, flash, sound, font colors, or anything else you want.

  Personalize your ads. Insert the recipients first or full name in the subject of the message or email body.

  Absolutely no bouncing emails back to your email box. All emails are delivered directly to the recipient's inbox and show that they sent by us.

  No other ads attached to your email. Your email ad goes out by itself so your ad gets all the attention from the recipient.

  Our service is 100% SPAM free and double opt-in. You do not have to worry about getting a SPAM complaint ever.

  We supply all disclosures and removal links for you ensuring complete CAN-SPAM compliance. Our system is 100% risk free.

  All email blasts go out directly from our web based server so there's nothing to download to your machine, ever.

  Ads run infinitely in our easy to use system so you can never forget to send an ad. Set it and forget it.

If you value your time or simply wish to reduce your work load and free yourself up for other things then you need a membership to the Infinity Submitter. Only $3.14 for month to month access or $9.39 for lifetime access!

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