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We want everyone to be satisfied with the service so we are going to explain how to properly use our system in detail so that everyone understands exactly what to do. For starters we asked you to save your welcome letter, if you ever lose your log-in you can refer to that welcome letter. Also you can bookmark this page for quick access.

1) If you currently possess an AdBoost Code then enter it into the AdBoost Code field and if you have more than one then you would seperate them with commas, no spaces please. If you are not using AdBoost Codes then you are not maximizing your submission capability. AdBoost Codes are FREE and there is a link to learn more about them on the AdBoost Code box.

2) You can select up to eight targeted categories to send to. If you select targeted categories then your ad will only go to those people. If you want to send to your entire portion of leads then do not select any targeted categories.

3) A subject line is the introduction that identifies the emails intent. This subject line, displayed to the email user or recipient when they look at their list of messages in their inbox, should tell the recipient what the message is about and what the sender wants to convey. For email marketers, a subject line should work to entice the reader into opening the email so that they might engage with the communication through following links, responding to a survey or making a purchase. Keep it short. More than 60% of people open their email on their mobile device. Enter a subject line that doesn't exceed 50 characters.

4) Your website address or URL is the link in your email that the recipient clicks to go to your website. A long URL will get broken and then they're not clickable. Bitly is a link shortening service that makes your links powerful marketing assets. They're so powerful, businesses that use them get up to 34% more clicks. Replace the URL below with your URL in the same format, all URL's start with either http:// or https:// make sure your URL starts with one or the other or it will be discarded and never put in spaces or leave this line blank.

5) The body of your ad can have up to 10,000 characters, there is no reason to write more than that here, it's only 10,000 to allow for the raw HTML that some people will be sending, you can enter either a text ad or HTML code. We've provided a character counter for your convenience or if you'd rather use another one then we would highly recommend a free service called Character Counter Online and their service works very well. That link will open in a new window.

6) Check the radio button to designate whether your ad is a text ad or an HTML ad. We discourage the use of HTML ads and encourage users to submit text ads as all email protocols can display a text ad properly but NOT all email protocols display HTML ads properly. For example, if an HTML ad is sent to me and it goes in my Outlook junk mail folder then none of the images show up and I just delete it. What happens when HTML ads go to your junk mail?

7) When you're happy with your ad, read the compliance statement and if you agree then click the button and submit your ad. If you do not agree then click here to read the Terms of Service again. If after reading it you agree with the statement then click the button and submit your ad. If you do not agree then you should not submit your ad.

Please Select Up To EIGHT Categories Below

Affiliate Programs Age Groups 18-30 Age Groups 31-45
Age Groups 46-55 Age Groups 55 & Over Baseball Interest
Beauty and Supplies Boats and Accessories Business Opportunities
Cars and Accessories Christian Clothing and Shoes
College Students Crafts & Collectibles Casino Gamblers
Computer Accessories Credit Cards Dating
Debt Consolidation Doctors / Physicians E-commerce Stores
E-Mail Marketing Entertainment Finance
Football Interest Free Giveaways Gambling
Grad Students General Male General Female
Gifts for Everyone Guns and Ammo Health and Fitness
Hobbies and RC Home Security Home Mortgages
Home Owners Internet Shoppers Investments
IT Professionals Lawn and Gardening Networking w/ People
Medical Drugs Multi-Level Marketing New Products
Office Supplies Parents and Kids Pet Parents
Sales Management Seniors Citizens Small Business Owners
Sports Interests Surveys & Polls Tax Preparation
Tobacco Products Travel and Recreation Trucks Parts
Vitamins and Nutrition Webmasters Web Design and Coders

Enter a SUBJECT line below that doesn't exceed 50 characters:

Replace with your WEBSITE ADDRESS and DON'T use spaces:

The BODY of your ad can have up to 10,000 characters:



By clicking the button below you agree that you are submitting in compliance with our Terms of Service Policy. You are stating that you've read our Terms of Service Policy, that you understand our Terms of Service Policy, and that you will fully comply with our Terms of Service Policy. The Terms of Service Policy is located here. The Terms of Service Policy is there to educate you. You will be shown important information that when used properly will determine your success or failure while using our tools.

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