A while back we asked our members what was more important to them, was it the quality of the leads or the quantity of the leads. The way it works is the better quality of leads means the fewer you get and on the other side the higher the quantity means the lower the quality.

So here's what we have, option #1 is a higher quality of leads and option #2 is a higher quantity of leads. There are currently 216452 quality based leads in the system and 30500905 quantity based leads in the system. Go ahead and refresh the page, the numbers will constantly change based on the number of leads unsubscribing as members around the world submit and the databases being refilled at what we try to keep at an equal pace, using a sysyem that we developed called the "Lead Leveler" that constanly adds fresh leads to the databases for people to send to. If the databases are filling too quickly or too slowly them the "Lead Leveler" compensates for it.

Both memberships have their own secure members area and each submitter has 16 databases of leads. The databases rotate each time a submission is made so that you don't submit to the same people twice in a 4 day timespan. Leads are constantly being loaded into the 32 databases. Quality leads will be loaded into their databases and quantity leads will be added to theirs.

You can select your package below. We offer the Quality Package and the Quantity Package. Each package offers a pay by the month option or a lifetime membership option.