These Six Submitters Have A Combined Value Of $197.53

Yeah, it's a Steal-Of-A-Deal. Only $33 For Six Powerful Email Ad Submitters. You'll never get 'em cheaper then this, I guarantee it! Five outta the six are pretty new and the sixth one is still in good shape. For the price, This Deal Can't Be Beat! Get them fast, I'll run it for a few days and then take it down, I can't give such a good deal for a long time, I'd go outta business! This Is A MASSIVE Savings, dont pass this up.

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Email Pirate - Gold Lifetime Membership - $47.77

Ye Gold Email Pirate package be offrin' sixty double opt-in submitt'rs. The Gold package be havin' a retail value of $928.67 and we be offrin' he Gold package for $47.77 fer a lifetime membership that recently received a massive upgrade. Th' new submission module be th' best submitter we've e'er built.

Ye Gold Email Pirate submitter has been time tested to be producin' results and that means you'll be filling yer chest with money no matter what ye be sellin'. And the best part be that you'll be gettin' instant access in yer specially designed members area. Plus, we be loadin' these submitters with fresh leads on a regular basis.

Fast Lane - Lifetime Membership - $17

The best kind of leads are double opt-in leads. These leads are the most sought after because they ensure that the recipient has personally opted into the list you desire to send to. Double opt-in leads also produce the Highest Return & Most Response to your ads. The problem is that these type of leads take a good deal of time or money to obtain and for most marketers are either out of their reach financially or logistically.

We have The ULTIMATE Solution! Through the power of numbers, we obtain double opt-in leads on your behalf and load them into our specially designed and unduplicated mailing databases.

Master Blaster - Lifetime Membership - $27.79

Our powerful ad marketing system puts your ads in front of people who have shown an interest in topics like: Investment Opportunities, MLM Opportinities, Business Opportunities, Work-From-Home and Retire Early. Our simple to use interface takes only a matter of minutes but is incredibly powerful. We have designed the program in this manner so that everyone from the seasoned marketer to the newbies will have no trouble understanding how easy it is to advertise. All you need to do is access our secure members area, enter your subject line, ad copy and URL and hit "send". Since 1998 we've been providing the marketing community with the most useful and effective advertising programs at the most reasonable cost.

Smartphone Submitter - Lifetime - $49.98

To capitalize on this trend, we at Global Ad Solutions are working with a technology which allows us to send your ads in the form of a text message to a portion of our database of close to 28,000,000 phone numbers worldwide. Now, you can send a 160 character message including a URL from anywhere on the planet.

Rather than spend hundreds of dollars and unending hours tethered to your computer, make your text ad, submit it and we'll place your ad for you. Within a very short period of time, millions of cell phones will receive your text ad, complete with a clickable link enticing them to open, read and buy your product or service.

Super Grouper - Lifetime Membership - $20

We have figured out a great way to reach most of them without having to log in and send to the groups individually. In fact, we have the capability to send DIRECTLY to the inboxes of the individuals who have subscribed to the groups and advertise to them on a regular basis. What we are referring to is OVER 33 MILLION email addresses which we have harnessed in our databases. With one push of a button we can literally create a tidal wave of traffic for almost anything we advertise and we can do it 100% SPAM FREE. That means A TIDAL WAVE OF TRAFFIC for you because we can send as many times a day as we want. We are releasing it to the public for the INCREDIBLY LOW PRICE OF ONLY $20.

Traffic Tornado - Gold Lifetime Membership - $34.99

Our Gold Members send to 42,000,000 English speaking double opt-in leads daily. There are 60 targeted categories, so you can point your ads right at your niche' market. You'll also have Unlimited Access to our Blog Submitter, a Classified Submitter, Directory Submitter, Ezine Submitter and Search Engine Submitter and we have an HTML Ad Creator that Submits and a Text Ad Submitter.

Whether you prefer to send HTML or plain text messages, our email submitter gives you the option to choose. Our rich text editor allows you to send bold text, colored text, images and more. Creating great ads has never been easier. There's a product demo on our site too.


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