Fresh Leads Were Added On January 14th 2021

Social Groups are great places to advertise! We have had FANTASTIC SUCCESS! We wondered if it was possible to send to all the groups without having to log in to them all individually or type in turing codes in order to be able to send because regarless of the fact that they are lucrative; they are incredibly tedious.

We have figured out a great way to reach most of them without having to log in and send to the groups individually. In fact, we have the capability to send DIRECTLY to the inboxes of the individuals who have subscribed to the groups and advertise to them on a regular basis. What we are referring to is OVER 33 MILLION email addresses which we have harnessed in our databases. With one push of a button we can literally create a tidal wave of traffic for almost anything we advertise and we can do it 100% SPAM FREE.

That means A TIDAL WAVE OF TRAFFIC for you too because we can send as many times a day as we want and it took us 9 years to develop the capability to do it. We are releasing it to the public for the INCREDIBLY LOW PRICE OF ONLY $17.95 OR $3.95 PER MONTH & this is not one of those fly by night offers for software that never comes or safelist submitters that sends to the same 500 all the time.

Fresh Leads Were Added On January 14th 2021

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