We recommend that you use the tools every day at least once, with the exception of the search engine submitter, because Google recommends that you do not submit the same site more than once every 7 days, otherwise you risk them de-listing your site. Other than that, don't be fooled by the simplicity of our system. While these submitters have been purposely designed to be fast and easy to use, they are in fact incredibly powerful.

Disable your pop-up blocker. If you're not seeing ads from us and other customers like you, then you're not clicking ads and if you're not clicking ads then you're not generating ad revenue, if you're not generating ad revenue then we have no money to purchase leads for your submitter. If we don't constantly ad leads to your submitter's database then your leads will eventually all unsubscribe and you will be sending your ads to nobody, besides it's a Terms of Service Policy Violation to use a pop-up blocker and you agreed to comply with our terms. Please disable your pop-up blocker and follow the rules.

One of our more abused rules is our over submitting rule. There are limits on how often you can submit. Many of the programs produced by us allow you to submit "unlimited" ads. We create "unlimited" programs for individuals who have more than one opportunity they wish to promote. People who purchase and use "unlimited" advertising programs from us are expected to use discretion when advertising. An example of discretionary advertising would be:

Let's say, you have a membership to the Highly Targeted Submitter and a membership to the Marketing Pro Submitter. Let's say you're using Marketing Pro Submitter, you can advertise as many different items as you wish as long as they have different subject lines and they're on different websites. You can do that every 3 hours, you have to change the subject line each time you submit and not use the same subject line more than once every 24 hours. While you're doing that on Marketing Pro Submitter you can be doing the exact same thing on Highly Targeted Submitter at the same time. This applies the same way with however many paid submitters you own. The more submitters you own, the more ads you can send out."

Our Submitters Use Ads To Produce Ad Revenue That Is Used To Generate Leads For Our System.

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