High Performance Email Submitter

We Send To 35 Million Double Opt-In Email Addresses
Email submitters come and go and over the years there have been many copy-cats trying to emulate what we have done for over 20 years at Global Ad Solutions. But just like anything else, nothing is ever as good as the original. Viral Mailer carries on the tradition of providing access to millions of potential customers at a reasonable price that most every marketer can afford. We do this without compromising the quality everyone expects from the industry leader in email submission technology.

For years we have sold email submitters at reasonable prices and the way we help fund the purchase of fresh leads for all of them. With Viral Mailer, we thought we would try something different. Then money from the original sale of the program could be used to buy fresh leads ONLY for Viral Mailer and not shared with any other program. We think you'll appreciate the additional traffic and increased response to your advertisements. There are two payment options for this program. The first is by a monthly subscription for $7.99 and the second option is a one-time lifetime membership for only $15.29 - Choose your payment option below and get started right away.

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