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When we got the idea to send to social marketing groups we knew it would be a hassle unless we could gather all the contacts in one location and make the process of sending ads to all of them a seamless process. Time is money when marketing online and we know that people like to spend as little time as possible but still get great results.

We created Elite Marketing to solve this problem by gathering email addresses from all the major social marketing sites and groups and loading the direct email addresses into one easy to access database. For our members, that means they can go to one location and send ads to all of them all at one time in seconds flat. We have direct email adresses from all of the following social media sites:

Yahoo Groups, YouTube, Facebook, Friendster, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, MySpace, Orkit, Pinterest, Twitter, Word Press, and many more..

This program was a long time in production but we knew it would be well received because everyone knows that even though email marketing is still the most effective way to advertise, social media has created a whole new venue for marketers worldwide.

Elite Marketing serves to couple the power of both methods without having to jump through hoops to get it done.

Social Groups are great places to advertise! We have had FANTASTIC SUCCESS! We wondered if it was possible to send to all the groups without having to log in to them all individually or type in turing codes in order to be able to send because they are lucrative.

We have figured out a great way to reach most of them without having to log in and send to the groups individually. In fact, we have the capability to send DIRECTLY to the inboxes of the individuals who have subscribed to the groups and advertise to them on a regular basis. What we are referring to is OVER 33 MILLION email addresses.

That means A TIDAL WAVE OF TRAFFIC for you too because we can send as many times a day as we want and it took us 9 years to develop the capability to do it. We are releasing it the LOW PRICE OF ONLY $3.89 per month or $12 FOR A LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP.

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