Being able to send your ad copy to multitudes of people without having to worry about spam issues is paramount to success in today's marketplace. The more potential customers you can reach only increases the liklihood of your product or service being purchased by intrested consumers. Just imagine what would happen if you could reach over 65,000,000 contacts worldwide. Your sales would explode! But, fear of spam, risk of losing an ISP and potential fines have hampered most marketers in their desire to succeed.

By using HULKLIST you can circumvent any of these problems. We have developed technology which allows you to be able to send ads, never recieve ads in return and eliminate the need for special boxes and costly filtering protocol. Our massive dedicated servers are able to send huge quantities of adverts in a very short period of time with no down time (99.93% uptime). This is important when your time is crucial.

Simple to use, powerful and effective advertising at a fraction of what you would be able to purchase elsewhere.

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